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Enjoyment Turns To Death As Several People die From Alcohol Consumption

It is always a jovial moment whenever friends gathers together for recreation and fun. However sadness and sorrow have struck an area after eighteen individuals were left lifeless as a result of taking alcohol.It is suspected that the drinks were not certified and might be poisoned.It is an incidence that has aroused emotions among people as they console with the family and friends of the victims.Moreover this incidence has occurred in Russia and more investigation is expected. In addition individuals have raised their concerns as they emphasis on the need for certification of products before their consumption. Photo used for illustration

Moreover it is the mandate of the government and the certifying agencies to ensure that edible products are verified to avoid such incidences.In additional alcohol consumption should be monitored such that irresponsible drug addition to be banned.However more analysis is currently ongoing to detect more information behind that occurrence.The deceased have been taken to the mortuary as more information is to be revealed.

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