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Opinion: Why Nairobi County Government Has Been Tough on Bodaboda Riders within the CBD

If you are a regular visitor to Nairobi's Central Business District, then you must have more than once, seen a motorbike rider arrested or a number of motorbikes being guided to Caty Hall by the City Council Officers. And you've been asking yourself why the county government is so harsh on Bodaboda riders within the CBD.

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To begin with is the need to decongest the city. Even with the tough rules, hundreds of motorbikes still visit the Central Business District per day, mostly bringing about disorders and sometimes accidents. The need to have the least number of motorbikes or even none in the city has contributed to the constant harassment by the city council officers, popular as Kanjos. I once had a chat with one city council officer about Bodabodas within the CBD and he made everything clear to me, and I quote "If not for the fees levied on Bodabodas to operate within the CBD, there could be millions of motorbikes with town everyday"

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The other reason why the city council is so hard on motorbikes is the misconduct by most riders. This is very reasonable because, most motorbike riders in Nairobi and any where else in Kenya never follow traffic rules. They ride very carelessly and are usually very arrogant and inconsiderate Though we cannot dispute the fact that there are a few well organized riders, most motorbike riders are usually very insensitive. Even right now under the tough rules within the CBD, you'll find most of them still riding on pavements, hitting pedestrians on footpaths and still insulting them. Imagine if they are left to operate freely within the CBD, pedestrians and car owners will have no space at all.

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Personally, I think the Nairobi City Council is doing a good job in trying to control motorbikes and riders within the CBD. The fact that these riders are usually very tough, welcomes the Kanjos tough rules and reactions when dealing with the riders.

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