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Man Swallows 'Socks' To Conceal Evidence After Being Caught Allegedly Defiling A Minor

A fifty year old man has been apprehended by the police in Embu Majengo Estate after he was caught allegedly defiling a 10 year old minor.

The man who's real name is still unknown pretended that he wanted to to buy some goodies for the 10 year old girl before luring her to a bush.

According to one of the residents in the area, two women heard some screams in the bush and when they rushed to the scene, they found the old man in an inappropriate position with the ten year old girl.

It is at this moment that the accused swallowed his protection to conceal evidence from the police who had been alerted by one of the residents through a phone call.

Angry residents had already started beating the old man but luck was on his side as police rushed to the scene and found him still a live before taking him to a nearby police station in Embu.

Cases of defilement have been on the rise recently especially with the long holiday since schools have been closed and police have urged parents to always keep a good watch on their kids since they might not know who could be the next victim.

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