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Road Accident

Enziu Accident Survivor Reveals How Much Drivers Were Expected to Pay Before Being Allowed to Pass(Video)

A survivor from Enziu River accident has claimed that crossing through the flooded water was not an easy task. For instance, a driver was expected to pay KSH.100 before being allowed to cross to the other side of the bridge.[Photo Courtesy]

Some young men had erected rocks in the middle of the road which was now covered with water and they were charging that amount before they allow you to pass. He claims that the charges were meant to pay those who were probably leading the drivers through the water so that they will not go in the wrong direction.[Photo Courtesy]

When their turn to cross came, those who were stopping the vehicles were ready to collect their share. They requested the KSH.100 and one woman from those who were ready to cross using the bus volunteered to pay the amount.

She gave out KSH.200 and they allowed them to pass. They even wished them safe journey and the bus started crossing. He however claims that the driver was somehow frightened by the water currents but he tried his best to drive. Unfortunately, the water was slowly pushing the bus towards the direction of water currents until the time the bus fell inside the water. (Watch from minute 7:21)

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