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The Government Should Implement Guidance And Counseling Programs To Police Officers

According to the investigations carried , it was found that many police officers do not know how to control and overcome depression.

This results because many of them fails to seek guidance and how to deal with their personal issues seeing themselves as superiors.

This statement is justified by the recent incident of Caroline,the killer cop who shot two victims who were innocent.It is the role of police officers to maintain law and order .

Nowadays many of them took law in their hands since they are easily carried away by their tempers thus developing personal feelings instead of bidding to rules and regulations.

To deal with such incidents I there by recommend the government to come up with guidance and counseling programs where all the executive bodies will be taught and trained on how to related and deal with people during their line of duty.

In addition to that before anybody willing to the police service he or she should be taken for mental check up to make sure whether they are able to reason under all circumstances.

In summary before one is passed out has fully equipped police officers he or she should be taken for internship so as to gain more working experience .

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