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"85% of My Body Got Burnt And People Use My Face to Scare Their Children" Lady Narrates (Video)

This is a story of 21-year-old lady by the name Favour who survived from burns during her childhood after their house razed down while she was inside sleeping.

Favour claims she spent one and half year in hospital after she got serious burns where 85% of her body was damaged but she is greatful she survived and to her its a miracle to be alive.

She claims while growing up she had a hard time especially at school because children would be scared of her whenever she showed up and they would run away as if it's a ghost which had appeared to them and since she was still young she could not understand.

She claims she met with a friend while she was still at school and Impregnated her and he later abandoned her with their child. Her education came to an end after she got pregnant.

Favour claims her biggest fear is that her burns has made her not to be loved by people since most of them are scared of her and what makes her sad is whenever people want their kids to do the right thing they always scare them with her face.

She claims she is thankful that she got healed although the only side effects she has is that whenever her burns get exposed to sunlight, they become very painful to an extent of developing wounds.

She has gone ahead asking for well wishers to help her raise money soo that she can get treated since she has used all the money with her medical bills but she has not yet fully recovered.

To help the lady click the link below:

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