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Rest in Peace Janet Bett: Nyashinki's Wife Zia Bett Announces Death Of Her Sister

Photo. Zia Bett and the Late Janet Bett

Zia Bett has lost her sister just few weeks after pleading well wishers for medical help. The late Janet Bett was suffering from a rare condition known as Severe Aplastic Anaemia a condition that makes bone marrow stop producing enough blood for the body.

The family has been slapped with a medial bill of 10 million a reason the family asked for support to foot the medical bills in India. Clearly speaking it's painful to anybody losing a sister as its clear nobody would wish to find themselves in such a mess.

Rest in Peace Janet Bett till we meet again mum for we loved you but God loved you most. Clearly this is painful but again as fate would have it all of us will die some day as nobody will live forever in this planet earth.

Condolences to Nyashnsiki, Wife Zia Bett and the entire family for this painful ordeal. However it would be better if they are supported to foot the medical bills for the family is going through a very painful Ordeal. Rest in Peace Janet Bett, Rest in perfect peace Janet Bett.

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