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'Relocate Back To Kisumu' Kenyans Advise 'Mtumba Man' After Alleged Empty Promises In Nairobi

Mtumba Man. [All Images | Courtesy / Instagram]

 Steve Opondo who is widely known as Mtumba man has caused a lot of speculations on social media after arguing that he has since received empty promises since being welcomed to Nairobi.

This, he said in a video that was immediately deleted from his official social media account.

One of the individuals who introduced him to Divine Collections, Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o has come out to clarify on the matter.

Giving his side of the story, Jalas has stated that yes Steve received most of what he was promised by various entities, but maybe some have gone silent on him.

''I think what is frustrating him now is how his phone that was ringing all the time now is silent. I just want to kindly ask anyone who promised him anything and has not delivered please do. One thing I know is that people also quickly move on from one trend to another but all will be fine. 

He added that he will personally call him and find out since he can also be frustrated from all the calls he is receiving from back home.

''I'll call him and help him where I can. I know his people back in the village now know that he is a millionaire so I can imagine the pressure. 

''Dont worry Mtumba man all will be well.'' Jalang'o stated.

Kenyans have come forward and asked Sande to be very careful not to be used by people for his influence.

Some have urged him to move back to Kisumu where has a larger clientele and that he also understands which is better than Nairobi.

Elly Okoth, ''This is why I love Jalas, he has a golden heart like that of Sonko's.''

Akoth, ''He should just relocate back to Kisumu...''

Wardah Kheir, ''Wasikutumie vibayaa we want a clarification if you have signed the contract alaaa...''

Bits, ''But why should he stay in Nairobi if he already has a client base in Kisumu? He can use the money to expand his business.''

Bilha Nyawera, ''Usikubali kutumiwa vibaya, we need a clarification on the contract 😮.''

Anne Sylvia, ''Divine wasitake advantage,,, hope hawajaku convince tena😢😢😢.''

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