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Road Accident

Why you Should Not Stick to Your Lane All the Time When Driving

When you want to obtain a driver's license, your are required to go to a driving school so that you can be taught some essential skills. This skills play a huge role in helping you drive carefully without causing any accidents on the road. Even though most accidents are easily avoidable, most of them occur due to negligence by some drivers.

When in driving school, you will always be told to mind your speed and always stick to your lane unless overtaking. Even though most people like to drive at relatively higher speeds as it helps to save on fuel and also makes the time they spend on the road less,most people always stick to their lanes.

Even though sticking to your lane is perfect, sometimes sticking to it might lead to an accident especially when an oncoming vehicle is overtaking.

This is because not all vehicles that are overtaking have enough space to get back to their lanes and therefore have to stick to the wrong lanes till they get enough space. In order to avoid an accident, it is important to slow down and try to create some way for the oncoming driver as there is a high chance they might not get enough time to get back to their lane. Incase you decide not to create some way and stick to your lane, things might not turn out as you expected and end up in an accident.

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