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'What Nonsense Is This,' Benjamin Zulu Attacks Rev Lucy Natasha and Other Pastors Online

Kenyan life coach and psychologist Benjamin Zulu has decided to speaks up his mind concerning Kenyan pastors and their lifestyles.

Many famous Kenyan pastors especially those who are active on social media are always posting what is going on in their daily lives.

A good example is Rev Lucy Natasha, she has over half a million followers on Instagram and she updates them on daily basis. From fashion to bodyguards to private jets.

Rev Lucy Natasha with her team in past event [Photo|Courtesy]

Even with heavy criticism she still doesn't stop from posting her lifestyle on social media. This has however led to many claiming it is a show off which is not allowed on the Bible.

Life coach Benjamin Zulu went on his social media page to lament on this behavior which is common among pastors. He claimed it is not right and it is misleading because Jesus himself didn't show off.

He said most preachers are pretending to be using security men for their own safety yet Kenya is safe especially for preachers.

"Why are preachers moving around in motorcades? What nonsense is this? The Lord Jesus whom they purport to preach was so inconspicuous among the crowds that the authorities had to bribe Judas to identify him for them. Of course the pretence is that of security but our country isn't that insecure or hostile to preachers," he wrote.

What are your thoughts on this? Are Kenyan pastors going too far by posting their lifestyles on social media or is it normal?

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