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The Rich Beggars Of Nairobi

There are alot of genuine beggars in the street of Nairobi who really need help.

However, there are some beggars who misuse these proceeds from public sympathy by making begging their proffesional job to get them higher in life.

Also, some are not genuine paupers; they are actually conmen who have used handouts from poor kenyans to buy plots and huge houses but still begging to earn a living without their benefactors being any wiser.

It is unfortunate that this sad state of affairs have lured more and more crooks especially in Nairobi into abusing kenyans generosity.

They are now act up with complete fake limbs pretending to be disabled to win sympathy and they are making a huge earning out of it.

Though, we should not stop our generous behavior of giving charity to those who need it. But there is a need for these fake beggars to be addressed so that they don't spoil the image of the real beggars who need real help.

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