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Road Accident

Here Is What Was Witnessed In A Long Distance Bus That Has Left Kenyans Worried

Buses are typically preferred by Kenyans when traveling great distances because they are more affordable than tiny vans and airplanes. This clarifies why Kenya has so many bus firms.

It is recommended to conduct research on a particular bus before using it for long-distance bus travel. This is due to the fact that riding in a bus that is malfunctioning or in bad condition is not a fantastic idea. Numerous incidents of individuals riding on unsafely maintained buses have been reported over the previous few months, with some of the incidents resulting in fatalities.

Even if a bus's physical deterioration can be seen from the outside, it may be challenging to detect its mechanical issues before getting inside.

Kenyans were left in awe after seeing something fascinating on a bus traveling from Nyamira to Nairobi, according to a recent image that was shared online by a credible source. The driver's door of a Nyamira express bus can be seen being secured with a maize cob in the image that has been posted.

Given how inexpensive the bus's door lock is, this is both incredibly humorous and disturbing.

Content created and supplied by: Mzeemzima (via Opera News )

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