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Food Safety Day: Don’t Buy Vegetables When You Can Make Your Own Sack Garden

Many people in Kenya especially those in urban areas spend a lot of money buying farm produce like veggies. Due to the poor economy of the country, many people suffer from food insecurity. The demand for vegetables can be reduced if people learn the craft of the sack garden.


Requirements for making a sack garden include a sack, small stones, a mixture of rich topsoil and manure, and sticks to support the sack

Procedure for creating a sack garden

Mix the manure and soil. Add 2kg of DAP and lime to the general mixture. Mix thoroughly the ingredients in the bag.

Insert a container between the sack and place small stones in the container. This is to allow for proper drainage.

1.Continue putting the rich soil around the container

2.The container makes a column of stones at the center

3.Raise the container and continue adding soil

4.Ensure the sack is straight and the container is at the middle of the sack

5.Fill the sack until it is firm and full

6.Damp the bag with 30 liters of water and start planting on the sides of the bag

7.Make small holes around the sack-well spaced

8.You should have your seedlings with you now

9.Start planting the seedlings on the holes and the top.

 Don’t forget to share this important piece of information with friends and family as we celebrate world food safety day. Plants that can be planted in the sack include spinach, kales, onions, potatoes, beetroots, and dania.


Content created and supplied by: WreckHavoc (via Opera News )

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