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"My Iraq Boss Did This to me After I Confronted Him About my Salary," Lady Narrates Sad Incident

Evelyn Kerubo a mother of two narrates how went through hell when was working in Arab Countries. Despite the challenges, Kerubo persevered through all the hardships.

Kerubo was born in Kisi County in a family of five. In form three, Kerubo got married. Her parents tried to persuade her to go back to school but never agreed. Years later Kerubo delivered her firstborn child. Her then-husband started neglecting her, mistreating and even at times beating her.

Financial constraints made Kerubo go back to her parent's home. A friend advised her to try her luck in Saudi Arabia while working in Nairobi. She got the opportunity and within one month, her agent had processed all her documents. In Saudi Arabia, Kerubo worked in a family of six.

During the first few months, Kerubo was not paid her salary where by she confronted her boss about it. Her boss always gave her fake promises and so Kerubo decided to contact the Saudi agent about the matter. Her agent told her to persevere and her boss could ultimately pay her.

According to Kerubo, she worked in a poor family and so her boss could not afford even food to eat and other necessities. Her boss paid her only three months' salary and told her that the remaining amount of money she could pay her if in case she went to work in the same house. Having worked for a few months, Kerubo was deported back to Kenya.

And because she wanted to achieve her dreams, her agent found her a job in Iraq. Kerubo's job was to do all the house works and take care of the children. And because it was during the Corona Season, her Iraqi boss who was a teacher had left his job. Her boss was also struggling to pay her.

Months later while still working in the same house, she was called by her relatives from Kenya who informed her that her mother had died. Upon confronting her boss about coming back to Kenya, the boss refused to give her permission. Due to the hardships, Kerubo went through like lack of food and overworking she decided to talk to her agent about the matter.

Her agent never gave her a fulfilling solution. One day her boss informed Kerubo that the following day, he could take her back to her agent. The following day, Kerubo carried her bag and left the house where the boss drove her to the agent. Kerubo claimed that instead of taking her to the agent, the boss dropped her on a certain street and later drove the car and left.

Kerubo stayed in the streets for a few days and she later decided to try her luck in going back to her agent. And because she had no money, Kerubo could board a taxi and after arriving at her destination, Kerubo could tell the driver to call her office so that she could be sent the money. Unfortunately, the office never picked up the call so the taxi driver could drop off her the taxi. Kerubo used the trick until when she arrived at her agent's office.

Her agent later took her to work in another house in order to get money to pay her ticket.

Kerubo stated that she worked in the house where her boss was a drunkard. At times Kerubo said that her boss could buy a lot of beer and stock it in the house. Due to stress and depression, Kerubo decided to try to drink the beer and see if her troubles could vanish. Kerubo stated that every day she could drink beer to help her sleep and forget her troubles. Her boss still never paid her salary.

A certain Ugandan girl who was her friend on social media advised her to try her luck in contacting the UN offices for help. Kerubo contacted them and they interviewed her and later came through to help her. Having stayed in Iraq for more than one year, Kerubo came back to Kenya empty-handed.

Her, she claims that if she gets another chance to work she could still go and work in the Gulf Countries because she has not experienced her dreams. Kerubo urges women working in. the Gulf Countries to work hard and accomplish their dreams.

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