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Meet A Man Who Appeared On His Weeding Barefooted

In Kilifi, a man surprised many when he appeared in his weeding without a pair of shoes.

The Man claims that shoes are an abomination and he has urged his family to avoid shoes as much as they can.

The skin in my foot is strong enough to protect me he added. When walking, he is seen as very comfortable and does not complain about stones and thorns.

'Kaingu' said that he was inspired by his father who never worn any kind of shoes in his entire lifetime.

Speaking to NTV, Karisa Kaingu said that just like he was born without shoes and never got to see his father having them, he has never worn shoes, even on his wedding day.

His father had also warned people to never try wearing his shoes even when he is dead and whoever dares to do so will follow him.

Surprisingly he has allowed his wife and children to wear shoes.

Photos courtesy of Facebook.

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