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Why Some Dead People Are Not Buried With Shoes

When burying a dead person, most people tend to do it without shoes. Have you ever asked yourself why. There is always a reason for doing this. Burying a dead person with shoes could have some effects to it or to the people doing it. It had been a practice maintained from long ago. See why dead people are buried without shoes.

The bottom half of the coffin is alway closed with the corpse inside so there is always no need of putting on shoes for the dead body. Placing shoes on the foot a dead person will therefore not be visible for people to see and half the body from the waist is not always seen.

Putting on shoes to a dead person could also be pretty hard and difficult as after the death, the shape of the foot changes completely. It gets distorted making it hard to hold into shoes. The body goes through a lot of things after death that causes rigor mortis making the foot shapeless and distorted.

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