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Beware, New Trick by Conmen in Nairobi Targeting Those Delivering Parcels

A new trick by conmen is first ripening within Nairobi CBD and has within a short period left several business men and customers counting losses. This new trick targets people doing deliveries within Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD). Kindly share this widely to alert other people on this new trick. We must save our loved ones from criminals.

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When you are sent or when you go to town to meet a first time client or stranger for a delivery, you'll definitely be calling them a couple of times to acertain their whereabouts and how to meet them. Conmen have realised this and are now targeting those making phone calls to deliver items to first time customers. While you walk along the streets tying to locate your parcel recipient, these conmen will be studying you. They'll then approach you, pretending to be the ones you've been talking to on phone and you or the person making the delivery, having never met them before, will most probably hand over your parcel to the conmen.

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You'll give your parcel to a stranger only to realise later when the real person calls you to find out where you are. This trick sounds petty, but it has led to several losses and has forced many delivery companies to pay for lost items when their riders are misled by a conman. It is therefore advisable to call your client or customer to acertain their identity, especially when they are new. When someone one shows up to pick a parcel you're delivering, please call the number just to make sure you are giving your parcel to the right person. Remember as I have always said in my related articles, while hardworking Kenyans struggle to come up with new business ideas, conmen struggle to come up with new criminal ideas.

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As at now, the trick is probably being used by conmen countrywide, especially in towns. Please be very careful. Share these widely, especially with businesses that have delivery options and riders who do delivery lest they pay dearly for mistaken identity.

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