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New Details Reveal Who Started The Ofafa Jericho School Fire Last Night

Last night, Kenyans were treated to what could have turned into a major tragedy if it wasn't for the sift action of the Nairobi Fire Department.

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This is after Ofafa Jericho School caught fire and 50 students were rushed to the hospital where they are still admitted for inhaling too much smoke.

The 50 students were trying to put out the fire when they inhaled too much smoke hence their admittance at the Metropolitan Hospital.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr Kanyenje Gakombe, however clarified that there were no burn injuries on the students.

"We received 50 young men reported to have been in a fire incident at their school. They tried to put out the fire and in the process inhaled the smoke. Most of them have suffered smoke inhalation attacks," He went on to say.

According to a local daily however, it has emerged that one student is the person responsible for torching the school.

It's alleged that the teacher on duty had asked the students to attend the evening preps but some did not heed the call.

The teacher had to go and force out the students and this is when one sneaked back and torched a cube that houses about 20 students.


"Several students properties and personal effects were destroyed. Staff and some of the students helped put off the fire before it spread to other cubes," a police report seen by the daily read.

Interrogations are currently ongoing to ascertain if the student acted alone or in the company of others.


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