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Lessons Kenyans Should Learn From Sad Scenes Of People Dying From Corona Virus In India.

Corona virus pandemic has become one of the dangerous diseases in the whole world. We see many people dying while high numbers of positive cases are being recorded each and everyday in the whole world.

The Nation of India is suffering the most for sure. We have seen clips of people dying on the streets and burned everywhere in the country. This is indeed a sad incident because no one will ever want to see his or her loved one dying just like that. We pray to God to intervene and save his people from the pandemic.

As a country, we should learn some lessons from the sad scenes in India to avoid such suffering.

1.We should observe the Corona Virus precautions given by the ministry of health.

Corona virus is not a joke,its killing and so to save ourselves, we should wash our hands at all times,wear masks in public,observe social distancing and all the precautions given. Let's all be our brother's keeper and save lives.

2.Follow rules given by the government.

There are strict rules given by the government to control this pandemic. Like Honouring curfew hours,and not moving from the locked counties. Let's do this to prevent corona from spreading please.

3.Corona is dangerous.

Many people are not the pandemic seriously. Let's learn from the sad scenes in India whereby many are dying and burned everyday. Let's take Corona virus disease on a serious note and this will help us defeat it.

All in all let's all turn to God and pray for him to save us from this deadly disease.

Content created and supplied by: PaulaRyan (via Opera News )

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