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Bodies Of 20 Migrants Found In Libyan Desert Two Weeks After Last Contact

The 20 migrants were traveling in Libyan desert when they got lost, the were traveling with a black truck when the driver lost the way and they were stuck there without anything to feed or drink.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence and illustration only.

They were lastly heard on 13 June until when their phones could not been reached, the bodies were found near Chad by a truck driver who was traveling through the desert, he then informed the securities and an ambulance was send to go for their bodies.

The two dead victim have already been identified as residents from Libyan and the other eighteen dead victims are residents from Chad.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence and illustration only.

Libyan desert has been reported to be one of the dangerous route to reach Europe and which is commonly used by migrants since many have been reported of dying while using the route.

People should consider their well being before even deciding to do anything that might cause their lives, may their souls rest in peace.

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