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Theft robbery

2 Beautiful Ladies Without Clothes Caught at Night in the Act of Satisfying their Men Inside a Car

A dramatic scene was experienced in Nairobi after 4 people were arrested inside their vehicle on suspicion that they were armed robbers. The arrest of the people came about after a neighbor saw the vehicle in the place and started drawing suspicious conclusions, the aim of the occupants was also unclear making the neighbor make a call at the APS office informing him of what sounded fishy.

After the call, skilled police officers approached the parked vehicle from a distance and what they saw were figures of human beings who later jumped on board and sped off and an electric speed. With the curiosity to know what the occupant's intentions were, the 3 officers went for their land cruiser van and started a chase at around 3 am.

With their experience, the officers followed the Ford vehicle at a neck-breaking speed showing signals for it to stop, but that did not seem to sink in the Ford's driver's mind, instead, he accelerated. After 5 Kilometers of the nonstop chase, police decided to burst the vehicle's tires with a firearm bringing the chase to a homestretch.

When the police officers were preparing to raid the vehicle, they were shocked to see four people jump out of the vehicle with no clothes on their bodies, they were surrendered to the police saying that they were not thieves, Sisi sio Wezi, one of the ladies was heard saying.

Police officers were preparing for another action night only to learn that they had spoiled a session of the four who were making merry inside the car after the curfew was lifted. Vianney Kibet, Silvia Kasiva, Esther Karingari, and Denzel Njiru together with their vehicle were taken to Ruai police station where their security was guaranteed for the remaining part of the night.

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