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Form 3 Student Arrested With Rolls Of Bhang In School

School going pupils are getting out of hands and the rates are rising so fast as most students have ventured into this drug trafficking business. It is such a shame.

Police in Kisumu is holding a Form Three understudy who was found to contribute bhang to individual understudies at Rapogi Mixed Secondary School in Kombewa, Seme Sub-area. Teachers from the school told experts that the adolescent had been seen selling bhang sticks to individual understudies. 

West Seme area chief Nicholas Oguma said they immediately responded and found the understudy with 11 sticks of bhang. 

He says the child was barbecued and uncovered a home where he had got the arrangements from. 

Director Oguma drove an advancement to the home and got a woman with more than 700 rolls of bhang and 14 litres of change and kangaroo used to make the unlawful blend. 

The woman and the understudy were found advancing toward arraignment.

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