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Too Young to Die: Celestine Nduku's Sister Pens an Emotional Message Ahead of Her Burial Tomorrow

The late Celestine Nduku(Photo/ Courtesy)

Celestine Nduku's sister, Monica Wavinya, has taken to social media and penned a heartfelt message ahead of her burial that is slated for tomorrow. Monica said that she tried everything possible to try and convince her sister to cut ties with her abusive husband but her efforts bore no fruits.

Although she was harsh on her sister while trying to advise her, she was doing so to save her life. At one time, she warned Celestine that her husband will one day kill her following frequent domestic disputes. However, Celestine didn't take the warning seriously.

Monica said that she will live to remember her sister's big heart and further noted that although everyone will die, it's too painful to lose such a young soul.

Celestine will buried be tomorrow even as the hunt for her husband who allegedly murdered her continues.

''Maybe I was harsh on my sister while trying to advice her.......because I would say those words without empathy or remorse.....everytime we would talk I'd clearly see that she was not okay and I would tell her ni nini inakueka kwa huyo mtu ama unangoja kuuliwa tu time I said to her what if this guy kills you one day is that the day u will listen to my advice mama and she boldly said aiiii Mutwiri hawezi mimi nikamwambia sawa siz lakini wewe jua ukikufa kiufala hivi tutakuzika na hivyo ndio utasahaulika mama and the typical Cele would snob tomorrow we are on a journey to lay her to rest.....I now know she has taken my words seriously........this is the path for all of us but hers came too soon ..........too young and too awesome to leave but ni sawa hivyo ndio Mungu some u may be forgotten but to me I'll live the rest of my life remembering how much of a big head and big heart u were.....I loved u so much and I'm glad I always said it when I still had the chance ..... Katoto ka Mathare Katoto ka Maseno Katoto ka kina Monicah lala salama '' her emotional message on Facebook reads.

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