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Maid Gets Nabbed At 1 a.m Mixing Her Urine And Menses, Reveals Where She Wanted To Take The Mixture

There is a disturbing video has gone viral on the internet. The video features a maid who was nabbed by her boss at 1 a.m in the morning doing the unthinkable.

According to the boss who recorded the video when questioning her, the maid woke up and went to the toilet where she took a sample of urine and menses from her periods and started mixing them.

Her boss had noted that she was not awake at that time of the night, she woke up slowly and went to check what the maid was doing at that late hour of the night.

What met her eyes was so disgusting. The boss has been growing suspicious about this lady because she had noticed that she did not bathe often of late. She had become dirty person. The boss had to move her from her children's bedroom due to bad her breath. The boss did not want to fire her hoping that she was going to change.

After being caught, the maid revealed that she wanted to add the mixture she had made with her urine into the super drum that contained cooking and drinking water.

When she was asked the need to doing this, the maid did not talk. The boss revealed how she was merciful to the maid when she met her languishing in poverty. She took her to her house and gave her a job.

She was now perplexed that the same lady almost poisoned her family. What do you think about this incident? Thank you for reading this article is. Please share your views with us in the comments section below.


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