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"My Mom And Bro Bewitched My Dad And Sold His Land, They Hate Me Because Of My Skin Color:Lady Tells

A lady by the name veronica wambui has narrated how her mother and brother bewitched their father and sold his land without him knowing.

Veronica says that she comes from a family of five sibling were her and one brother were born with without skin pigments and her mother was using them to make her witchcraft strong.

She says that her mother has never love the two of them and they used to say that they are causing embracement to the family and so only her father was the only one very supportive to them and always showed them love.

Veronica says that her mother and brother bewitched him and he started getting sick and she advised him to go to the hospital and after test were done,the doctor said that he had prostrate cancer and so his wife advised him to take him to a doctor who will treat him.

She says that her mom took him to a witch doctor and when they came back home everything had changed her father couldn't remember anything and he looked like a mad person and that when they managed to get his signature and sold his land.

Veronica says that when they sold the land they didn't share the money with her and the younger brother but instead they bought good cars and used all the money on themselves, she says that after a while her father passed on.

She says that it really hurt her to know the only people she can call family can do this to them just because of their skin color but she thank God because she found a man who loves her and married her and they are blessed with 3 kids.


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Lady Tells Veronica wambui


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