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Meet The Tribe That Cuts Their Fingers When One Person Dies Among Them

Different communities have different cultural practices which they adore and are loyal to. They will never abandon such practices come rain come sunshine. It's actually an obligation to them and anyone who goes against them could be expelled from the community. Meet the Indonesian tribe that cuts women's fingers upon death of any of their loved ones.

The community is called the Dani tribe and it's located deep within the Indonesian land. The amputation is done to the upper most part of the finger and it's done for a purpose. They practice it as a symbol of pain and a show of being bereaved when someone dies among them. They believe that by doing that, the evil spirits will be cast away from them.

The amputation was done with a stone blade and majorly to the women. It was not only for physical pain but also emotional pain. Though the behaviour was stopped by the government, it seem that some of the them are still doing it.

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