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How To Deal With Corruption

These are the ways to follow to stop corruption and embezzlement of tax payer Money.

Any Citizen who has been found participating in corruption scandal in one way or another, should be ready to face the law and admit his or her wrong doings. Judiciary should not take long time to hear and give a correct ruling, this will help to decrease the corruption cases which are bulky in courts. Government should allocate resources to judiciary which will help them perform there work perfectly and on time. Every citizen is supposed to be a whistle blower, this will help because any person thinking in engaging in corruption will fear, because it will not take long for them to be apprehended in court. Government should offer security to judges who do a correct work in determining corruption cases. This is because there always threatened by people who have power and whom are mainly participating in corruption scandals. Also we need a Leader who will not tolerate any type of corruption in his or her country, the particular leader should show a good example of which generations to generations will follow and respect his or her ways.

In conclusion corruption is a killer to development in any country which allows it, and it leads to unemployment and poverty to it's citizens.

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