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Villagers Run For Their Lives As Heavily Armed Bandits Take Control Of A Village In Garissa County

A section of Kampi Samaki village in Garissa County.

On Sunday, a group of over 70 armed bandits attacked the Kampi Samaki village in Garissa County.

Kampi Samaki, a village on the Isiolo-Garissa border has seen longstanding feuds between the Borana in Isiolo and Somalis from Garissa over boundaries and pasture.

The two groups have been fighting each other to take control of the village in vain.

However, after their attack on Sunday, the raider believed to be from Isiolo County killed three people leaving other injured including a National Police Reservist identified as Mohamed Kaban.

They further stole an AK47 rifle and a magazine hence created worries among residents.

According to local leaders who spoke to the Standard, the raiders have been torching houses in the village as villages run for their lives.

“As we speak, the area is under siege, and security officials are yet to [gain] access,” said Lagdera MP Mohamed Hire as quoted by the Standard.

Police officers from various posts have been dispatched to the area in an effort to retake it from the attackers who are heavily armed as they have their own illegal firearm.

The local leaders blamed the government for lack of action against civilians who have firearms in their possession in the region.

According to the leaders, without the firearms, these bandits can easily be controlled as they will have nothing to defend themselves with against the police.

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