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Jubilee scared of UDA?

Jubilee has scripted the top Police Command to lock UDA out of Karuri Primary School. The venue of the Football Finals. As the players from across the constituency say the game must be played.

"Since May football teams have played on the wards.Jubilee should know this is just the Finals. Over 30 games already played. Stopping a Final is attempting to stop the climax" said itumbi the self-proclaimed hustler nation Spokesman

Young people of Kiambaa who were Number 1- 3 in each Ward are set to get awards. These teams are from Kihara Ward, Ndenderu Ward, Cianda Ward,Mucatha Ward and Karuri Ward.

These leads the number of tournament winners to 15 winners. Each team with 20 players. Those are 300 people directly winning. Those who played in the tournament even more.The finaiists have Shs. 200k to fight for.

You cannot stop #HustlerNation - Hii siasa ya Kifua, Intimidation na madharau we will get a response from the beautiful game of football, song and dance

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