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"A trip to learn good manners" Huge amount Embu MCAs will pocket in their tour to Arusha

It is said, copying is a way of learning and different government agencies have been putting this into practice by funding both local and foreign trips for their employees to bench mark and learn new things.

In the same depth, the County Assembly of Embu has organised for a two weeks tour to Arusha Tanzania, for it's 33 members. The tour is aimed at training the MCAs on good manners.

However, one thing which has got the attention of furious Kenyans is the budgeted amount of money to be spent by the county to fund for the tour. The ksh 20 million trip will see each of the MCA pocket over half a million.

This has attracted a backlash from the citizens citing that the cash could have been channelled elsewhere for constructive development projects rather than being misappropriated in tours that seek to benefit the individual members of the assembly.

It should be noted that most of Kenyans are struggling to recover from the adverse economic hazards brought about by the corona virus pandemic while others are facing hunger and displacements caused by floods.

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