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"Hawajafanyiwa Poa" Uproar As Officers Allegedly Do This To Three Men After Being Caught Maskless

Since the beggining of Covid 19, the government has been strugging to help reduce the spread of the virus among netizens in the country. The government implemented the lockdown, wearing of masks, social distancing among netizens and even closing social gatherings for a while.

Police officers were also instructed to ensure that the law is followed by arresting those who are not following the rules. That is why we always experience regular arrests of people who are not wearing masks in various towns.

A photo has been posted in a renown facebook group known as OMG Voice kenya and it has caused alot of reactions among netizens. In the photo, three youths are seen with their heads shaved at the centre after arrest for allegedly not wearing face masks.(Photo| courtesy)

Netizens reacted saying that the act that was done on them was not fair since it is not the head that wears facemasks but the face. Others said that the act is completely unacceptable while other asked what cutting of their hair and dreads will help in their situation of not wearing masks. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)

To my view this is not fair since the victims seem to be grownups and there is no law that says one should get shaved. Do you think what was done to the youths is fair and acceptable as punishment?(Source screenshot)

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Covid Hawajafanyiwa Poa


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