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Just in; Owners of Thousands of Bats Invaded Police Station Finally Revealed as New Details Emerge

In the country, there are several animals, and some of them are domestic animals while others are wild animals. Further, some parts have been experiencing a lack of rainfall, and some animals have migrated from one part to another to search for food and water. Also, some animals are considered bad omens in some communities in the country.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about what it means after thousands of bats invaded Maragua police station in Murang'a. As per the latest report shared by a well-known source this hour, one of the police officers from the station has revealed that the said bats are owned by some residents who are accusing some police officers in the station. Further, the police officer who revealed this did not mention the name of the owner. I quote his statement from the source: "I have heard some residents accuse some of us serving at the station of being the owners of these bats. They say that they are there to protect some of us through mystic powers," a police officer from the station revealed.

This just came in after the said bats caused confusion in the police station and also left behind their waste.

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