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The Ghosts Of River Enziu: 33 People Died While Coming To My Parents Wedding-Juliet Bravely Narrates

It's now four weeks since the River Enziu incident that was so traumatizing to Kenyans. Videos were shared through out the social media showing how a bus fell into a flooded river and drowned, claiming the lives of about 33 People.

For the first time since the incident, Juliet Mutua, a survivor of the tragedy, bravely narrates the events before and after the tragedy. Together with the top YouTube journalist, Lynn Ngugi, they visited the river again to get closure.

Juliet narrates that they were heading to her parents wedding which was planned within a month. People were happy for the wedding not knowing it was there last days. Upon reaching the River Enziu, they found it was so flooded unable to cross. They waited upto four hours so that the river can calm down. Four different buses passed well while they were watching. They decided it's there turn to cross. Those with small private cars left them and joined the bus so that they can cross together.

Unfortunately they didn't get to reach the other side as the bus fell into the river. Juliet watched as all her sisters drowned in the river. Juliet says that before they crossed, they were dancing and having fun. It seemed like a farewell party. The sisters have now left children under the care of Juliet. She has taken the responsibility of educating nine children.

Lynn Ngugi and Juliet visited the parents, who were having the wedding, and also where the children of the sisters are now. The dad narrated how they are surviving during these hard times.

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