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Revealed: What Was Recovered From 2 Thugs Gunned Down By Cops In Nairobi

In two separate incidents involving attempted robberies of businesses in the city, police officers engaged with suspected criminals and used their firearms, resulting in the death of the suspects. During both incidents, two firearms were confiscated from the suspects, one of which was identified as belonging to the police department. The two thieves were gunned down on March 5, 2023.

The police department had reported that a Jericho handgun containing 11 bullets had been stolen from an officer who claimed to have misplaced it while riding in a matatu to Zimmerman. However, upon discovering the firearm in the possession of one of the suspects, the officer was taken into custody and subjected to internal disciplinary action. In a violent exchange of gunfire on March 3, detectives based out of the Makadara division pursued two armed suspects who were spotted parked close to the exit of La Enzy Mall in South B.

After giving chase to the suspects, the officers engaged in a street chase with the suspects, who started shooting in the air as they attempted to flee towards Nairobi West. However, traffic slowed them down, allowing the police to apprehend and arrest them. One of the suspects was found to be in possession of a police Jericho pistol containing 11 rounds of ammunition. In a separate incident, a man suspected of being a thug was shot and killed in the Githurai 44 area during an unsuccessful robbery.

A pistol was found on the suspect. According to the police, the man had been targeted in an ambush by an unknown offender who had not yet been identified. The incidents highlight the challenges that law enforcement officers face when dealing with violent criminals who are armed and dangerous. While the use of firearms is necessary in certain situations to protect public safety and prevent harm to civilians, the police must also ensure that their firearms are secure and accounted for at all times to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, the incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of effective policing strategies and training to address violent crime in communities. Collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and community members can help to identify and prevent criminal activities, while also promoting trust and cooperation between police and citizens.

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