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21 Year Old Kenyan Woman Fighting For Her Life In Hospital In Alabama Here Is Why

After allegedly falling off a building in Albania, a Kenyan woman is in critical condition.

Following the incident, a family in Kenya is requesting assistance in raising Ksh61.8 million ($500,000) to pay for their daughter's medical expenses.

Joy Aoko, 22, relocated to Albania in February 2022 in quest of greener pastures, where she found employment as a trainee at a casino and shared housing with one other person.

After six months, her body was discovered unresponsive outside a building close to her apartment.

Aoko was initially reported as missing before she was discovered desperately trying to save her life, according to police records.

After the accident, she was limited to using tubes for breathing and eating. She also requires her mother's assistance to change her position on the hospital bed.

They kept texting back and forth, attempting to catch up, as her mother patiently waited for her daughter to warm the plate of minced beef. After roughly 25 minutes of conversation, Aoko abruptly stopped speaking. 

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