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Why Millennials are Struggling

There are six notable generations currently living in this day and age. These include the baby boomers (1946-1964), generation X (1965-1980), the millennial generation (1981-1996), and generation Z (1997-2015) with the remaining being Alpha and the silent generation born before WWII. 

The main reasons why most people of the millennial generation are experiencing life difficulties is that their lives were built along complex forms of experiences. The millennial generation grew up in the nineties and matured in the 2000s when life was founded on strong virtues of love for others and conviction of purpose and regard for inclusion of humanity.

Thus, they built themselves based on what they believe in which is passion, innovation, reputation, humanity and financial success. These pillars of their lives have proved to be too difficult to achieve because of the complex world nature. At work, their passion is challenged in most cases because it does not align to their purpose. For instance, it is always estimated that more than 40% of all millennial are likely to leave their current job positions for better work.

 Secondly, the financial burden they are experiencing is taking a toll on them. Most members of the millennial generation took loans for higher education, either from the government or other lending institutions to fund their University studies.

Past research in the U.S showed that student loan increased from $340 in 2001 to a whopping $1.3 trillion in 2016. Currently, most of them have not finished paying their loan debts and are thus indebted.

Lastly, the social expectation of millennial generation members from the pressure by generation X to be better than them, coupled with generation Z’s high expectation of the millennial as role models, pushes a toll on them.

Most of them have resorted to finding a voice online, having being the first members to have used social media to a full extent in attempts aimed at fulfilling these social expectations.

So is there no future for the millennial generation from their current state?

Recent data shows that among those expected to be the most successful people in history are millennial generation members. They are expected to be the most successful and the wealthiest of all time among all the current living generations.

What all these means is that the millennial people have a lot to achieve yet and it is only a matter of any time from now before all these predictions come to fruition.

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