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SAD: Lady Aborts Her Unborn Child, Puts In A Sack Then Throws It Beside A Busy Road

An unbelievable incident has been witnessed in Nanyuki early today after one lady aborted her unborn child. The lady then put her unborn child in a sack then threw it beside national library. Residents who were using the route kept on passing that sack without knowing there is a child inside. A dog came, removed that baby from the sack and made it visible. Residents actually remained very shocked about the incident. Many expressed their anger since it is so inhuman to dump an innocent child. Police officers were called and they witnessed the bizarre incident. They quickly took that baby and rushed him to Nanyuki county referral hospital. We are not so sure whether the baby has survived. It has been revealed that the girl aborted her baby while in her 8th pregnancy month. We will update you incase doctors reveal any progress. We really hope that the baby survives.(Source, Facebook)

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