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Caretaker Of the Late Edwin Chiloba Reveals What Happened Before He Went Missing

Just in and confirmed that the friend to late Edwin Chiloba has been arrested and now he is being held at the pangani police station. He is now the prime suspect to the death of his roommate Chiloba.

Chiloba's body was found stuck inside a metallic box and was already decomposing. Police are now investigating what might have killed the guy.

Now according to the caretaker and neighbours of the house Edwin and his best friend lived, one night they had a scream followed by total silence from their room.

Afterwards saw the guy Jackton and another new guy carring a box down stairs and they confirmed it was the same which the body of the late LGBT member was found.

"I called the OCS who asked me to show up today. I met with his friends at the station. They said the box they saw in the house was the one that came down at night. They saw it clearly. The one who had carried was Jackton", narrated the police OCS.

The neighbors had also complained about a strong bad smell coming out of the house, it was like a rotten rat, "Panya Ameoza".

It's seem now like the friend might know something and if he's found somehow involved, then he might get locked. May the deceased rest easy.

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