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Mt Kenya Tycoon Nearly Lynched By An Angry Mob After He Badly Attacked A Woman on The Dance Floor

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To many people, Money is the master key to all forms of happiness and pleasure. There are many who believe that they can get anything they want just because they have deep pockets. This character has often led to many evil deeds in the name of money. 

A Mt Kenya Tycoon was nearly Lynched by an angry Mob after he reportedly attacked a woman who was enjoying herself on the dancing floor. According to a report by a local daily, the businessman had approached the lady with his advances only for her to turn him down. 

The businessman was then shocked a few minutes later when the woman took to the dancing floor with another man. This did not settle well with the Tycoon who started beating the woman. 

This Angered other revelers who wanted to teach the old man a lesson only for the security to intervene and escort the man outside. He agreed to settle the matter amicably without involving the police. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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