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The Demon of Fire Consumes Dormitory of a Prominent School in Meru County Hours After Opening

The world economy was destabilized when Covid-19 was reported. Most of the country took various actions to prevent faster spread of coronavirus. Some of the measures taken included mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing, banning of social gatherings, regular washing of hands and lockdowns.

Lockdown was one of the strict measures imposed to contain Covid-19 in the World(Photo/Courtesy)

Kenya was not left behind. When the country reported the first case of coronavirus, the president introduced strict measures to prevent fast spread of the virus. He tasked the ministry of health with the responsibility to constantly come up with additional measures and give updates on the progress of the disease.

One of the directives given by the president was to close down schools and higher learning institutions. Churches and other social gatherings were also banned. All this was done in a bid to promote social distancing and eventually control the spread of coronavirus.

These measures were however not so friendly, the partial lockdown and closure of churches and schools affected people financially, psychologically and even emotionally.

Education calendar was seriously affected. Economy was also impacted, leaving many with no food on their tables. Since a lot of time was lost by learners, the ministry of education had to condense the curriculum to catch up with lost time.

This in turn affected students psychologically due to the fact that they lacked sufficient holiday time.They were forced to spend most of their time in school. Their reaction was eventually to put schools on fire as a way of disappointment.

The trend of burning down structure has not yet stopped. Kisumu boys was among the latest schools to be put on fire.

Another school in Meru county has joined the list of most notorious schools in Kenya. Ruiri Girls Secondary School caught fire yesterday at around 7:45 PM. Residents were left speculating that the fire was lit by students. However, it has not yet been revealed whether this allegation is true or false.

Group of Ruiri Girls Secondary School in a past performance(Photo/Courtesy)

The good thing with the situation is that the fire brigade responded fast. Firefighters managed to put out the fire completely before it could cause extensive damage. There were no casualties reported from the incident.

Property of unknown value has been destroyed. A dormitory which was burnt down contained over 80 beds. All these students were left with nowhere to sleep for the remaining part of the night. Their properties were also consumed by the ravaging fire.

Speaking to the media shortly after the arrival of fire brigade team, the area Member Of Assembly said that the school lost one of it's largest dormitories. He cited that the loss will leave the school at a position not to accommodate students who were occupant of the burnt dormitory.

The MCA thanked all those who acted quickly to avert further spread of the fire to the neighbouring dormitories and the rest of the institution. He also thanked the fire fighters for their quick response. The MCA, Hon. Kithinji Ntuo called upon the national government and anybody of good will to help the school put up a new dormitory.

Ruiri/Rwarera MCA Hon. Kithinji Ntuo addressing the media on the situation of fire at Ruiri Girls Secondary on the night of 27th September 2022 (Image: Baite TV Official Facebook page)

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Covid-19 Demon of Kenya


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