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The benefit of unconditional support for value of life

This picture you are seeing below describes some of the problems we go through today, this animal fell inside a ditch struggling alone, pushing alone, fighting alone , crying alone, suffering alone but there was nobody to help the animal until the last day the animal died painfully that's the time the crowd was witnessed.

Moose stuck in a stoney crevice

Some people's lives are like this animal here, you fall into situation, backward you cannot go, forward you still can't go, you are stuck in there; crying alone, suffering alone and pushing alone. Some business and organizations are like this animal; they struggle with corrupt system, they struggle with loans , they struggle with clients, they struggle with losses and sustainability of their Organization alone!

Some politicians, philosophers, preachers, motivational speakers, friends and family keep on asking you to push harder, believe in yourself, you are strong and so on...! But some of them do not understand what life is. They will promise to be with you but they will not support you to be back on your feet instead celebrate your failure.

Can someone tell me that this animal didn't push harder? That this animal didn't believe in itself and despite all those efforts the animal still died painfully, simply because there was nobody to help what a life!

Sometimes let us check on each other and render help. Sometimes is not all about money but it's all about time you create for one another and the good relationships you keep. Money will come and go, fame will come and go. Money will never be enough! But if you are blessed with wealth support the needy as much as you can.

If you are in a position to support your family, friend, coallegue or name them...please support unconditionally. This life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you will get.

Content created and supplied by: DavidNefasauloo (via Opera News )


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