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A Bodaboda Rider Electrocuted to Death While Cleaning His Bike

Bobaboda businesses have been crucial in day to day running of our Kenyan economy. It has promoted livelihood of kenyans who have found it difficult or impossible to get formal or informal employment. Irrespective of the key role it plays, it is faced with several setbacks and risks.

Recently,Kenyans have expressed their displeasure by the recent death of a bodaboda man as a result of electrocution. The incident occured along Kaduyi-Malaba road where the man usually cleaned his bike. The innocent rider was completely unaware of the live wire lying in the pools of water and the dangers its poses.

Kenyans across all social media platforms have raised thier concerns on the negligence portrayed by KPLC, citing poor restoration of cable to poor operation and maintenance, they have mounted alot of pressure on the giant power provider to take responsibility of its negligence

Kenyans have a feeling that what they pay for power does not comensulate with what they receive. It is on this basis that KPLC task force should learn to put the plight of its customers into consideration. At the same time, they should take it as their responsibility to address occurring issues timely to avoid such incidences in the coming days.

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