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Road Accident

HAPPENING NOW: Residents of Narok Scramble to Siphon Fuel From Overturned Tanker

Incidents where tragedies have happened as a result of Kenyans siphoning fuel from an overturned tanker have been reported in the past across the country.

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The incidents have led to many people losing their lives in the ensuing infernos that engulf the tanker that usually overturns on the busy highways.

This evening, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from Sikika Road Safety in Narok County, a tanker has just overturned at a place that is known as Syaibei Bridge.

The tanker is said to have lost contr after it hit a cow on the highway and overturned on the side of the road as per the reports that we have with us this evening.

No fatalities have been reported from the scene of the accident but police have not yet responded to the nasty accident.

Residents of the place have taken advantage of the overturned truck and the fact that there's no police on sight to start siphoning fuel from the tanker as per the reports that we have with us.

Kenyans are always advised to abstain from this vice as it is very precarious to be near fuel when an accident happens.

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