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Breaking: Family Produces Burial Permit Issued by a Chief to Bury Their Kin Inside Mackenzie's Farm

Photo collage of Pastor Mackenzie and a burial permit issued in Shakahola.

Family of a missing victim from the Shakahola massacre has raised concerns over burial permits and death certificates issued by the area's chief, which they claim were used to approve several burials within the forest.

The family of Silas Otieno, who went missing as part of a cult, reported that they received a letter signed by Otieno informing them of his wife's passing and his decision to bury her in the Shakahola Forest without taking her to the mortuary.

In the letter, Otieno stated that he had married a wife, bought a piece of land, and built a house before his wife passed away in the forest.

When the family questioned why Otieno did not notify them of the woman's death, he allegedly told them that she had thrown away her phone and did not want to speak to anyone.

The victim's mother expressed surprise and disappointment at Otieno's decision to bury her daughter-in-law without involving her family.

She noted that the family of the deceased woman was still alive and wondered why Otieno would take such an action without informing them.

The latest revelations from the Otieno family have raised further questions about the role of local authorities in the massacre and the need for a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

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