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Why Is International Men's Day Celebrated The Same Day As Toilet Day?

19th of November each year the world joins effort to celebrate the cultural and social economic achievement and strength of men across the universe. The day was founded in 1999 by Dr. Jerome. Just like women's and girlfriend's day, international men's day is treated special with netizens recognizing their Dads and spouses.

However, another weird thing is that toilet day is also celebrated the same day. It's shocking to find out the resemblance of the two events and research shows that there is a unique revelation behind it.

There is absolutely no issue with men's day being on 19th, but why didn't toilet day fall on 20th Nov instead? If you are Keen, the world's toilet day could go unnoticed if it wasn't squeezed beside international men's day. There is a feeling that men needs to have a whole day for themselves but again that is a dream that we need to clearly flush down the toilet.

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