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Woe Unto Police Officers Who Are Taking Bribes From Covid-19 Law Breakers.

This is the time that the government should be on the watch out since it is like some individuals are not giving maximum attention to all protective and preventive measures as per Covid-19 pandemic demands.

Covid-19 protocols includes regular hand washing, wearing of face masks properly and keeping social distance of about one metre. In addition to these measures, the government also came up with other laws that are responsible for the control of Covid-19 virus in the country.

The policies that has really helped the nation to reduce the rate of infection includes total lockdowns in hotspot areas and implementation of curfews to restrict unnecessary movements that might contribute to the spread. Reliable sources are showing that some individuals are breaking the laws of Covid-19 in the country that is why the rate is increasing gradually.

It has been also revealed that some police officers are taking bribes from law breakers instead of arresting them and take an action to them that will leave other netizens awake. This is so much dangerous and the cabinet Secretary in judge of internal security Fred Matiang'i should take an action to such officers and the proper procedure be followed.

Any kenyan who will be found going against the law, should be arrested and he/she should be used as an example to the rest of the country. This Covid-19 war is not for the government only, it is now a responsibility of every individual to take part in the fight. Corona is real and it killed many people not only in Kenya but also in the whole world. Share this information, like and also comment.

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