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"Just Stop It" The Crate Challenge Is Evil

Just stop it guys, the so called crate challenge is So Evil. Every time the challenge is done people end up with injuries such as a wrist fracture, a forearm fracture, a broken femur, a torn ACL, or a concussion with a head bleed that could potentially lead to lifelong damage.

The reason why this challenge came to existence is because the devil knows that human beings like challenging themselves in doing extraordinary things despite of how dangerous they look.

The original video begins with a crowd gathered around a stack of black and blue milk crates as a woman with pink hair, dressed in a sports bra and leggings, begins her ascent up the pyramid.

She places her foot on the first crate, then the second stacked crate, and somewhere around the third stack the tower beneath her white flip-flops begins to wobble and she falls, sending the pyramid of milk crates toppling across the lawn.

Nation's hospitals are already strained due to Covid-19, taking part in a challenge that could send a person to the hospital means the participant might be waiting longer than usual for treatment.

kindly stop doing the challenge, it isn't worth it.

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ACL Crate Challenge Is Evil So Evil


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