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Lawyer Ahmednasir Tells Inspector General of Police to Resign Over Killing of Innocent Kenyans

Lawyer Ahmednasir on twitter says that policemen are killing innocent kenyans, he continued saying that it is time for Inspector General of Police to resign in shame or to be fired.

This is what He posted on twitter,

"Policemen kill innocent Kenyans as sport. Time for @IG_NPS to resign in shame or is fired! #igmustgo."

Lawyer says this after the death of two brothers who were allegedly killed by police officers, does it mean the inspector general has failed to do his duties?

A fan replied saying,"Police go to stop demonstrations with live ammunition.. thereby continuing the cycle of police induced deaths...the irony of this country we live in never stops to amaze me😪😪😪😪."

Another fan replied saying,"its time for every policeman to take individual responsibility, its time for all police officers to have body cams when on duty.......... but its also shameful for the IG to be silent on such issues."

Another fan replied saying,"Wacha kwanza amalize deal ya ile shamba iko Karen.  The house is almost ready for occupation. God have mercy on the prisoners."

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