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Crippled Man Receives New Wheelchair From a Generous Woman

Here is the link for the video;

According to the Facebook post of BI Phakathi Facebook page, a cripple man who mostly uses clothes and rags which he ties on his hands as he walks finally had opportunity to smile for the God's Grace which happened to him.

According to the video, the guy has been scrolling on the ground and has faced so many challenges of strong sunlight hitting I his back as he walks begging for help. When the woman featuring in the video saw him, she bursted into tears as he sees the suffering the young man has been undergoing through. The Woman asked him what she could offer for him but with ought further ado, he responded that he should be provided with wheelchair.

This act of the begged scrolling on the ground promted the woman to buy for him a brand new wheelchair to help him from the hard times he is facing. The woman also gave the cripple man some amount of cash to help him start a business so that he can encounter his daily problems. For this case you can share and comment on possible ways of how the haves can help the don'ts.

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