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Tension Hits Matuu Town As Heartless Men Raids A Mortuary, Stabs Dead Bodies And Damages Coffins

Fearless men have left people talking through social media platforms after breaking into Yatta Funeral home this morning. According to the members of the staff of that place, these heartless men broke into the rooms, used sharp objects to stab the dead bodies and later on damaged all the coffins.

Mortuaries are one of the most feared places where people cannot enter anytime they want, but this incident has left people wondering what might have led them to do that. A dead body has no energy to fight back, despite that many people have some believes which indicate that their spirits are still alive and can harm somebody.

However, netizens have condemned this act and urged people to remain calm whenever they have some depressions, because this might make them to do some evil things. What's your take on this issue? Kindly leave your comments below. Thank you.


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